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ESOMAR Membership Information..
..... our commitment
To provide an optimal response to guide your decision-making.

You can take advantage of our varied experience from both client and
agency side as well as our international culture and expertise.
We base our relationship on mutual trust and spirit of good team work.
To make a good decision it is vital to have sound market information.
First : Understand your problem and define the questions that need to be answered as well as formulating relevant objectives.
Then : Determine the information to be collected and the target
Finally : Choose the best method and insightful questions
This approach is part of our everyday life contributing to the success of our customers in providing them with actionable information and recommendations.
When developing in an international or complex context, you need answers that respect the «think global act local » principle.
It is essential to find THE correct balance between the need for a global approach (harmonization of data capture and its use) and the consideration of cultural specifics.
We have the expertise and the means to do this.
Doing a good work is based on the requirement for professionalism at each link of the production chain of a market survey.
Our approach is based on this requirement and
Joule Concept complies with the ethical principes and professional standards defined by ICC/ESOMAR and SYNTEC.
Joule Concept is an active member or ESOMAR and ADETEM (French Marketing Association)
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